Product Information

We bring the beauty and mystique of the stone with uncompromising Japan quality craftsmanship. Our gem set jewelries are backed with certificate from internationally recognized gem labs to ensure the authenticity of the stone. To keep up with ever changing environment of jewelry world, we keep on updating our knowledge by attending gem stone related seminars, involving with various gem associations, exhibiting at international jewelry shows, participating at world class auctions, and etc. We create our gem set jewelry with highest standard of craftsmanship with high


Gem Stone Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Jade 75%
Diamond 10%
Alexandrite, Tourmaline, Pearl, Coral 15%
Accessories Ring 75%
Necklace 20%
Earring 5%
Brooch 5%

Product Item

Women and. Men’s gem set accessories. Most of our jewelries are backed with certificate from internationally accredited gem lab.

Example of our Jewelry

  • None-Heat Pigeon’s Blood Colour Burmese Ruby (*GRS Certified)
  • Non-Heat Corn Flower Blue Colour Kashmir Sapphire (*GRS, Gubelin, GIA certified)
  • Non-Oil Muzo Green Colombian Emerald. (*GRS certified)

Primary Gem Lab

* Description of certificates are an opinion of gem lab. Their opinion has been concluded with their study at given time. With new findings and further study can change the result of their opinion. Also, different gem lab can have deferent opinion on a same stone.


Brazilian Neon colored, Unheated Paraiba tourmaline
(SSEF certificate)


Colombian Green Zone Non-oil system Emerald
(GRS certificate)


Sri Lanka Royal Blue Unheated Sapphire
(GRS certificate)


Cashmere Production Cornflower Blue Sapphire Unheated
(GRS/GIA/Gubelin certificate)


Burmese Jade
(HKJSL certificate)


D Color Diamond + Intense Natural Color Diamond Ring
(GIA certificate)


Fancy Dark Grey Blue Diamond
(GIA certificate)


Non-oil Colombian Emerald Cat’s Eye
(GIA certificate)